Participants who successfully certify through the BIRDIE Level proceed to the next Level: EAGLE, which is a seasonal membership (April through October).  Eagle Level participants continue their journey through The First Tee Curriculum by exposure to the next set of Core Lessons: 22–27. Below are the requirements participants must meet in order to qualify for certification to the next level. The EAGLE Level is self-paced and participation will be monitored through a ‘scorecard’ allowing the participant and parent to track progression.

eagle Level requirements:

  • Age 13+
  • Participate in an EAGLE GREEN, EAGLE VALLEY & an EAGLE RANCH Session
  • Participate in 6 Electives
  • Participate in 5 Service Opportunities
  • Play in 6 Friday Play Days (individual registration required)
  • Play in 6 Tuesday Play Days (individual registration required) OR Outside Tournaments (approval required)

core lesson curriculum:

  • 22 – Stay Well for Life
  • 23 – Building a GO-TO Team
  • 24 – Appreciating Diversity
  • 25 – Dealing with Conflict
  • 26 – Be a GO-TO Person
  • 27 – Planning for the Future

play days…

  • Class Sign Up is Required for Tuesday & Friday Play Days.
  • Tuesday Play Days are $5/round (after 5 complimentary rounds)
    • Must sign up through GVR Golf Center (303.371.3131)

eagle Parent Orientation

We understand that families are very busy with many activities and respect your time. We ask that at least one parent attend a parent orientation each year in order to understand (either for the first time or as a returning participant) our program and its policies and procedures. We are constantly striving to make the program better for our participants and want to share the information in a group setting. Participant attendance is not required.

Date Time
Thursday, March 28th 5:30 pm
Wednesday, April 3rd 5:30 pm
Tuesday, April 9th 5:30 pm

eagle Attendance Policy

Regular attendance ensures the participant’s likelihood of advancement to the next level; therefore, we expect participants to attend at least 3 of 6 classes during the session. If for any reason you are unable to attend class, please contact us as soon as possible. Parents will be given a Handbook during Parent Orientation outlining all of The First Tee of Green Valley Ranch Policies.